Bridging Reality with Virtual Reality

‘Technology’ is a topic that is very vast and one that can be discussed on end. In order to cope with a rapidly changing environment, it is necessary that technology too keeps up with the times, and advances as everything around it advances. It is only this way, through a continuous process, that an understanding between reality and virtual reality can be reached.

The purpose of technology is to sync the world we live in with the digital world, and to do so effectively. One measure of effectiveness would be the increase in interaction between man and technology, and another equally important one would be maintaining cost-effectiveness even when advancement is taking place. While the whole concept may still be a work in progress, it seems to be very promising.

When people wish to buy a gadget, a best-selling novel or some other product that interests them, they look through different mediums of information such as the internet, the newspapers, or a trusted and knowledgeable individual. These are the fastest means possible currently. If technology advances further and ‘sixth sense’ technology is used, we might get our information even quicker, because it will only be a gesture away.

Intuitive Technology

Sixth Sense is a gestural interface device, which is comprised of a pendant worn on the neck. This contains a camera and a data projector. Versions of this device, which could be worn on the head were built as well, in 1997 in the MIT Media lab, and consisted of a combination of illumination systems and cameras to allow for interactive photographic art. It included gesture recognition as well; for example, finger-tracking using tape on fingers. To have a better insight on this technology, you can read more in this article.

Why Sixth Sense Technology

Mankind’s evolution over the years has allowed it to sense the surrounding world in a better manner. When approaching a familiar or unfamiliar person, place or object, we use the five senses we have in order to aid in perception of information about it – this information is responsible for us making decisions with regard to situations and determines the course of action we choose to take. However, the most useful information that humanity has accumulated cannot be sensed through touch, smell, taste, sight or hearing – it is knowledge and information that we have picked up over so many years, a lot of which is available online.

Making computing devices small has let them become mini-computers we can carry around in our pockets. They keep us consistently connected to the digital world; however, there still isn’t a link between how we interact with the world around us, and the devices that we use.

The information is still limited to either being in the form of paper, or digitized and available on screen. Sixth Sense aims to bridge this gap by making intangible information into our world that we perceive using our sense – allowing for interaction between information and an individual through hand gestures that come naturally to us. In one sense, it frees information by linking it to reality – and like one makes the world their oyster, it makes the world one’s computer. To have a closer look, you can refer detailed information in this article.

Advantages of Sixth Sense Technology

Sixth Sense presents along with a guide for users that is very simple to understand. There are gestures that are considered ‘important’ but can be learnt very easily, without one having to go through laborious tutorials for the same. These gestures aid with tasks such as clicking photos, checking the time, or making a call.

For example, in order to click a photo, all one needs to do make the gesture of a rectangle in the air using their hand – and that’s about it. Yes, this is what Sixth Sense Technology is all about. This picture gets stored in the memory card of the device, and the user is free to access it at any point of time if they want to view or edit it. This editing, again, can be done through the use of simple finger motions over a projected screen. Learn more about this here.

Portability has a new definition

Sixth Sense technology can slowly begin to act as a substitute for our devices, such as desktop computers, laptops and tablets. Actions which are sometimes limited, such as browsing over the internet, checking one’s email, using Microsoft Office, amongst others – become easier, and more effective when this technology is included. For example, if one wishes to check their email, they can use the technology, make the ‘@’ symbol with their finger, and have it recognized by the camera – it then presents to the person the various options they have with respect to email access.

Informative and Interactive

Sixth Sense Technology can be used in order to scan a book. Not only this, the technology also provides reviews, a summary, and ratings provided for the book. This is not just limited to books – the technology has been designed to recognize With respect to news, the technology can scan an article or an image and will be able to link an individual to related videos or relevant news from the internet. It does so by the recognition of different hand gestures in order to operate them.


Sixth Sense technology has also been employed for the purpose of gaming, because it aids in the process becoming more enjoyable upon its use. Not only this, the user interface becomes very adaptive because a game can now be played through simple gestures. In fact, motion sensors can be used to produce varied sound effects for different situations. To have a detailed understanding you can refer more about it here.

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