Cell Phones and Their Impact on Male Fertility

Today, cell phones have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. Every moment we have this inane urge to be connected with everyone and, if God forbid, our phone runs out of battery, we feel like a part of us is gone.

But, have we ever wondered what the impact of this technological marvel is on our health? Nope. We know about the bees dying. We know about migratory birds going astray due to the radiations from the towers. But what about us?

Infertility Study

According to a recent study by the University of the Exterer, men who keep their cell phones in their jeans’ pocket are at the higher risk of getting infertile.

An earlier study had shown that the Radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) discharged by a cell phone results in infertility in almost 14% of couples in high and middle income groups.

But according to the recent study, sperm activity fell by an average 8% in the 50 – 85% of men, with normal sperm movement, when they were exposed to mobile radiations, as shown in the study published here.

Are you one of those people who believe in a “handsfree” experience; especially of the Bluetooth variety? Well this spells more trouble for you!

According to a journal Fertility and Sterility written by the Cleveland Clinic researchers, it is very harmful for you to use a Bluetooth device, while your phone is scarily close to your testicles.

Ashok Agarwal, PhD, and the director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Glickman Urologoical and Kidney Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and head of the andrology laboratory there, reveals that keeping your cell phone in your pants pocket or clipping it to your belt can have a detrimental effect on your fertility.

According to him, the radiofrequency electromagnetic waves cause damage to the testicles impairing the quality of the sperm. An earlier research by the same group, had found similar results, but this new research provides them with reasons why such a thing occurs.


8% Decrease in Sperm Activity

Their study has revealed that when semen is exposed to the radio frequency, the electromagnetic waves caused a damage in the free radicals, lower sperm viability (percentage of live sperms), lower sperm mortality (the capability of the sperm to swim and move) and increased the oxidative stress in the sperms.

The study was conducted by collecting semen from 32 men and placing it into different containers. These containers were exposed to 850 mHz cell phone in talk mode, at a distance of 2.5 cm for almost an hour. The distance, 2.5 cm, was determined by calculating the average space between pockets and the testes.

Full details about this research can be read here.

If this research and these studies worry you, because you often keep your cell phone in your pant’s pocket, or are worried about the damage that you have done to your testes and, in the long run, to your fertility, or have already started facing problems like premature ejaculation, we’d advise you to store your cellphone elsewhere, and start looking into getting a supplement like PrematureX which can help with PE problems. This stuff isn’t a laughing matter, particularly when it impacts the male ego, so the sooner you can get help, the better.

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